See Strømlinet Nano in Action!

See introduction and tutorial videos here.

Click here Augment reality assembe animation of Strømlingo DIY AFM.

Click here How to focus laser on an AFM cantilever.

Click here How to focus laser on sample surface.

Click here How to approach sample surface with an AFM cantilver tip.

Click here DIY AFM in profiler mode with advanced controller.


Streamlined Design

Strømlinet is a Danish word meaning “Streamlined”. Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, Strømlinet Nano applies simple and streamlined system design concept.

Affordable Pricing

Strømlinet Nano is committed in offering affordable solutions in nano/atomic scale measurement and positioning.

Partner Network

Strømlinet Nano is working with institutes and partners around the world to deliver better solutions.

Thinking Beyond the Box

Strømlinet Nano continuously innovates beyond traditional concepts and materials for better system design.

Do It Yourself !

Strømlinet Nano developed the world's first “Do it yourself (DIY)” nano-resolution microscope, a perfect starting point for your nano-applications.

Learning with Fun

Learning couldn't be easier when students can put together a nano-scale microscope on their own and observe the real nano world.


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  • info@stromlinet-nano.com
  • +45 3698-7335